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Tax Strategies

As companies expand globally, their global tax strategies need to become more integrated, flexible, and sustainable.  There are numerous strategies that can be employed to assist a taxpayer in attaining an efficient overall effective tax rate.  When properly implemented, these strategies result in the mitigation of tax liabilities and the ability to exponentially grow a taxpayer’s wealth.  Clients should execute these strategies in coordination with proper business planning and other influencing factors that affect the taxpayer’s business objectives.  To that extent, we seek to clarify positions for our clients and work in conjunction with the client’s other trusted advisors, such as legal counsel, wealth advisor, commercial banker, or accountant in order to maximize the value we add to our client’s success. Our innovative solutions focus on the following multi-faceted approaches:

Integration. The most effective strategies reflect not only a client’s tax and treasury (cash management) objectives, but also other drivers including its operational and strategic growth initiatives.  Integration across various areas and levels of the organization is key to a strategy’s long term effectiveness.


Adaptation.  Effective strategies are adaptable to changes in tax law, regulations at various governmental levels, operations, and treasury needs.  They facilitate, rather than hinder, global cash deployment, and they support the organization or individual’s ability to quickly take advantage of other business opportunities, such as mergers, acquisitions and dispositions.

Sustainability.  A sustainable strategy addresses effective tax rate while focusing on cash flow and minimizing tax risks over the long term. It is built on tax and legal structures that reflect an appropriate balance between cash utilization opportunities and effective tax rate planning.  Sustainability are only possible if tax and treasury are integrated.


Our areas of expertise for these integrated, adaptable and sustainable strategies include:

Natural Resource Conservation

In the “green” economy of today, taxpayers are incentivized to extinguish certain development rights associated with properties, thereby preserving the natural resources on the property for the enjoyment of future generations. There are four key tax benefits available to donors of both conservation easements and deed restricted property, which can often be applied in combination:

  1. Income Tax Deductions,

  2. Income Tax Credits,

  3. Reduction in Taxable Estate Value, and

  4. Reduction in Real Estate Tax Assessment Value  

As noted above, many states also grant tax benefits for easement contributions that comply with federal requirements.  The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and US Department of the Treasury have established a vast array of statutory requirements which taxpayer’s must meet should they intend to pursue the income tax benefits available through natural resource conservation.  Strategic Capital Partners assists clients with understanding these rules and conditions, implementing proper planning techniques, and quantifying the potential tax benefits.  Further, Strategic Capital Partners has significant expertise and experience assisting taxpayers with both the monetization of certain tax credits via a sale or the raising of additional equity capital in order to create a more liquidity position.  Our firm has assisted banks, family offices, private businesses, real estate developers, high income and high net worth individuals, and other taxpayers in implementing natural resource conservation strategies.

1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges

Strategic Capital Partners and its affiliates, assist clients in establishing long-term strategic solutions for real estate investing and business M&A / divestitures.  By taking a proactive approach to portfolio management, our firm is able to assist clients in designing exchange strategies, which can help defer substantial capital gains taxes.  Due to our keen understanding of both tax and real estate development, and the unparalleled experience of our principals in the 1031 arena, Strategic Capital Partners assists real estate developers and investors design both basic and complex exchange structures that allow for the conversion of ordinary income to capital gains, followed by the deferral of tax due on recognition of the gain income.  These wealth building real estate exchange techniques significantly help business and real estate investors and developers when it comes to their equity and debt requirements for current and future projects.  When orchestrated properly, investors can exponentially increase returns over time.

“Green” Tax Credits

In addition to the aforementioned conservation easement tax credits, there are numerous other environmentally conscious tax credit strategies available to corporations and individuals alike.  These include tax credits from renewable energy strategies, “green” development or construction and other such environmentally focused activities.  Tax benefits associated with these strategies may be offered at the federal, state, or local levels.  The use of tax credits and tax credit business strategies can result in a significant reductions in tax thereby increasing free cash flow and enhancing shareholder value.  Strategic Capital Partners helps clients better understand the benefits of tax credits and how they can invest in preserving and safeguarding the environment while at the same time reducing cash outlays for tax payments.  Additionally, some credits, such as Conservation Easement credits, may be available for sale to other taxpayers and therefore offer valid sources of current liquidity for asset rich, cash poor investors.

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