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Advisory Services

We advise numerous clients on a multitude of issues by drawing knowledge from our wealth of experience and leading edge expertise in several areas of core competency.  Our range of capabilities includes the provision of advice in transactions spanning a full complement of traditional and non-traditional business segments, for clients ranging from family offices to Fortune 500 corporations, private institutions and high net worth individuals the world over.  Our advisory services focus on the following areas:

  1. Family Office / High Net-Worth Planning

  2. Tax Advisory

  3. Strategic Planning

  4. Real Estate Consulting

  5. Global Business Advisory

  6. Management Consulting

  7. Marketing & Business Development Services

  8. Mergers & Acquisitions / Disposition Planning

At Strategic Capital Partners, we provide fully integrated solutions in the appropriate combination of innovative advisory and conservatism that are tailored to unique client situations.  We are engaged as our value adding partner, with a view to provide the necessary support to efficiently reduce operational and managerial burdens of our clients. This allows our clients to focus on their business in a much  more effective manner.  Our highly value-oriented and cost-benefit approach to designing sustainable, quality solutions ensures that an investment in our services pays for itself many times over, and places us ahead of our peers in the marketplace.  Our advisory platform is built around the following:

Multidimensional Solutions.  We offer comprehensive solutions backed by leading-edge experience.  Our world-class professionals and partners demonstrate absolute mastery of both the macro- and micro-aspects of any given scenario, balancing fiduciary responsibility with truly unbiased advisory in the fields of value analysis, risk management, global tax strategy and implementation, and the design of innovative investment banking solutions.

Resources and Relationships.  Our dedicated global expertise has grown from a thorough understanding of local economies, markets, and cultures which have further led to the development of strategic global relationships. It is in this competency that our firm is capable of delivering meaningful insight with a holistic, international viewpoint.

In-Depth Research and Analytical Capabilities.  Our emphasis on research and analysis stems from a belief that careful gathering of information and perspectives leads to informed decision making. Proper due diligence is key in achieving our objective of solid, consistent returns over time.

Risk Management.  We believe that sustained profitability is the direct result of careful risk management.  Our objective is to consistently deliver favorable returns compared to the market.  Our institutional and private clients look to us to effectively manage risk and generate performances consistent with their risk tolerance level.  We offer our clients access to a unique selection of private funds, structured products, and other asset management and treasury solutions.

Applied Creativity: Innovative Solutions and Product Offerings. Our dynamic structured products, alternative investments, and tax solutions are just some of the numerous private investments and strategies that we originate and offer our clients.

Quality Over Quantity: Choosing to be the Best, not the Biggest.  Every day we make the active choice to deliver quality  rather than to strive to be the biggest firm in the marketplace.  By carefully selecting our clients and engagement partners coupled with dedication in everything we do, we have forged a reputation for excellence and reliability in the industry.

5820 Clarion Street

Suite 200

Cumming, GA 30040

Toll Free: 888.800.1031

Main: +1.678.805.4492

Fax: +1.678.302.4428

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