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There is little doubt that the last few years have represented the most challenging economic environment for global markets in modern history.  It is our belief that one’s ultimate success or failure need not be defined by market forces, but instead by the manner in which one can adapt to handles those forces.  From the top down, our approach to navigating today’s fickle markets begins and ends with the following elements of our holistic global perspective:

Accountability & Responsibility  

It is clear that the perverse lack of accountability and erosion of fiscal responsibility lie at the core of the most recent financial crises.  Accountability is not a naturally occurring element in today’s business culture.  It must be created, often by a permanent system or investment architecture that demands it of counter-parties on an unwavering basis.  We have always offered accountable means to others and demanded it of them where appropriate, without exception.

Diligence Matched with Common Sense  

Yet another root of the recent economic turmoil involves an alarming lack of due diligence when it comes to investments, tax planning and other critical decisions.  At Strategic Capital Partners, our methods are inherently research and diligence based, attributes which are only enhanced by our boutique size and corresponding ability to pay attention to every detail of structure and strategy.  While facts are indeed critical to any diligence process, it is important that those facts are interpreted and addressed by both perspective and wisdom.  It is these attributes which we proudly recognize in every member of our firm.

Applying Experience to Comprehension & Creativity to Overcoming Challenges  

An element that is key to investment banking, strategic tax planning and advisory services is the bifurcation of factual analysis and creative ingenuity.  We believe that when a firm and its people are capable of administering both qualities in a given situation, it is most likely to succeed in identifying and correcting problems to achieve the optimal result.  Nimbleness and willingness to accept change are a primary key to survival in today’s global economy.

Creating Realistic Expectations for the Long-Term  

While we strive to deliver increased shareholder value to our clients, it is imperative that we manage expectations from the outset of any engagement.  We focus on open channels of communication, and clearly outline engagement parameters from the outset of any client relationship.  We pride ourselves on always meeting, and regularly exceeding our client’s expectations.  It is this approach which allows us to foster long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Value - We Get What We Pay For   

Many investors, advisors, and managers seem to have forgotten that while advisory expenses detract from the bottom line, they also tend to preserve and protect it, as well.  At Strategic Capital Partners, we seek out and implement measures that improve the chances for success, replacing the irrational and unrealistic need for a guaranteed win with the simple but refined application of thorough due diligence, rigorous analysis, and from time to time, a careful willingness to accept that sometimes having a partner in the trenches is worth something in the end.

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